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Terms and Conditions

Invoice prices are those prevailing at the time of receipt of order and are subject to change without notice. Contract tendering prices are obtainable from Intraline head office.
Any invoices sold on credit terms are due within the time frame contained within the customer agreement and on the invoice. The payment terms for all customers, unless otherwise stated, is Net 30.
Any applicable taxes required by law to be charged will be added to the invoice.
Shipping charges on all orders will be PREPAID by Intraline to any point in the United Kingdom and at the discretion of Intraline, throughout Europe. For all destinations, Intraline will use the most economical routing consistent with the provision of reasonably prompt service. Any customer may request delivery by special means. In such cases, the customer may be required to cover the special cost required to complete the request of the customer.
All orders are properly packed for shipment by Intraline. All cases, boxes or parcels should be examined carefully before signing the delivery note. If there is evidence of rough handling or damage, the customer should bring it to the attention of the delivery agent and ensure that a notation is made on the shipping bill before the goods are accepted. If damage has caused breakage or loss, the outer shipping container and packing material should be retained until an adjustment is made. Intraline is not responsible for breakage, damage or loss during shipment, but will be pleased to assist the customer in every way possible to make claims and ensure the customer is satisfied. Claims should be presented to Intraline within 3 working days of receipt of shipment. Where concealed damage is discovered after delivery has been accepted, the customer should notify Intraline within 3 working days of receipt of shipment. When filing a claim, the customer must present full particulars of the damage or breakage including the invoice number, copy of the delivery bill and delivery bill number should be sent to the London, UK office. The damaged shipment should be held by the customer for inspection, or until return is requested by Intraline. Any loss, damage or breakage due to the negligence of Intraline or its employees will be adjusted with pleasure.
Intraline cannot be held liable for any failure to fulfil any contract or supply any materials for causes beyond its control. These include but are not limited to, labour disputes, fires, explosions, riots, injunctions, interruption of transportation, unavoidable accidents or force majeure.
Intraline will not accept returns for temperature sensitive or injectable products; credits will not be issued for these products.
Request to return product should be sent to Intraline Customer Service Dept. Adjustments for any products for which credit or exchange is requested will be made by the Intraline representative in the territory, the exception will be for products purchased through a wholesaler / distribution center which are to be returned to the wholesaler/distribution center where originally purchased.

The following criteria are to be met for a credit or exchange to be considered:
  1. Products must be intact in their original sealed packages with original label.
  2. Original invoice is available for verification. Please note that Intraline will not accept any parcel shipped "Collect."

The following classes of products will NOT be considered for credit or exchange.
  1. Products that have had their seals broken or removed.
  2. Products not bearing the original Intraline label.
  3. Products that have been abused or improperly stored.
  4. Products that have been involved in a liquidation or bankruptcy sale, fire, water or smoke damage.
  5. Products expressly sold on a non-returnable basis.
  6. Products sold on tender in non-standard pack sizes or special labeling.
  7. Products beyond their Expiry Dates returned more than 2 months after the date of expiry.
  8. Products requiring temperature monitoring and control.

Any product received damaged or short-shipped, must be reported to Intraline Customer Service Dept. (+44 (0) 203 841 8000) within 3 business days of receipt for a credit. Any return made direct to Intraline is done so at the customer's own risk. Intraline will not assume any responsibility for such unauthorized returns, and disclaims any liability thereon. Labels and/or containers for repackaging will not be supplied under any circumstances. If any problem should arise, call the Intraline office in the area or in London, UK (+44 (0) 203 841 8000) using the appropriate Toll Free number listed herein.
The Customer shall not export Intraline product, from the country of sale, to any other country unless permitted to do so, in writing, from Intraline. The customer shall not sell or distributor Intraline product or provide Intraline product to any party it reasonably suspects or it reasonably should know will do so.


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